Board Meeting
January 05, 2008



Members Present: Dave Wallach, Stan Bowers, Orlene Bowers, Marsha Jackson, Larry Madick, Craig Wallace, Bart Carroll, Shirley Carroll, Reid Allen, Roy Talley, Dee Talley, Phil Hinojos, Blanca Hinojos

Guests: Ron Robertson, Jan McKay Chris Lofthouse, Bill Lofthouse of Phoenix Decorating

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order by Committee Chairman Dave Wallach. Dave announced the winner of the opportunity drawing, Peter Benjamin of the Kiwanis Club of Hollywood/Los Feliz.

1. Bill Lofthouse presented the club with a check for $2000 and a check for $8000 to the Kiwanis Sponsored Youth Scholarship Fund.

2. Bill also announced the theme for the 2009 Rose Parade. "Hats Off to Entertainment". Two (2) possible renditions of a Kiwanis float were shown. The committee selected a theme name for the float "Sharing the Great Outdoors" depicting people enjoying the wilderness with wild animals. The token design was rejected. Construction will start 1st of March. Final artwork will be brought back in several weeks.

3. International Board of Trustees will be meeting the week of January 8th to take action on Kiwanis International $20K contribution to the committee.

4. Rose Float membership will be sent letters with 2 raffle tickets to sell or purchase. 110 tickets are left to be sold to have the drawing.

5. Eleven (11) floats were worked on by Kiwanis volunteers in the Rosemont Pavilion.

6. Larry Madick will coordinate with Miss Wheelchair California and Miss Wheelchair USA organizations to have them get involved with Kiwanis. There are preliminarily 56,000 wheelchair users that could become Kiwanis members.

7. Dave Wallach was congratulated for his service and having all aspects of the decorating run so smoothly.

8. Special thank you's were extended to Bart Carroll, Shirley Carroll, Larry Madick, Margot Dutton and Dave Wallach.

Meeting Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

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