Steering Committee Meeting
January 22, 2008



Members Present:
Reid Allen, President, Marsha Jackson, Bart Carroll, Shirley Carroll, David Hughes, Mel Smith, Dr. Royce Foster and Craig Wallace.

Reid Allen called the meeting to order.

Reid introduced David Hughes, Fund Raiser and Project Coordinator of the Rose Float Club Gala, Mel Smith, and Dr. Royce Foster. Both Mel and Doc work with the Key Clubbers in Division 10.

The rendering of the 2009 Kiwanis Rose Float was distributed. The theme is “Sharing the Great Outdoors.”


David Hughes, Fundraising and Project Coordinator distributed a packet of promotional material for the Gala and discussed various aspects of it.

1) Invite children who rode on the 2008 float. Promote them at the Gala. Contact Key Club members who decorated the floats at the Rosemont Pavilion during December 2007. David Wallach would be the best source to identify these Key Clubbers. Also contact Dorothy Yen, C-N-H District Key Club Governor.

2) Prospective speakers. They should be people who can identify with children. They also should be people who are well known in the local community.

Two suggestions are Marcus Allen, former USC and NFL football great, and Tiger Wood, who has a foundation to help children. Holly Cacciapaglia of Outback Restaurants knows Marcus Allen and will contact him. Reid will contact First Tee Foundation Chairman through Brookside Golf Club re Tiger Wood. The keynote speaker at the Gala could be a rider on the 2009 Kiwanis float.

3) Sponsorships – contact through Kiwanis Clubs. The Donate Life organization, which had a float in the Parade decorated by Phoenix, and Wells Fargo could be a prospective sponsors. Vic Ledgerton, Div. 3, works for JPL and might help us to get a sponsor through his contacts. David Hughes will work outside Kiwanis to get sponsors. David will also develop a script to help us in approaching potential sponsors.


David Hughes discussed Rosemont Pavilion as a possible location for the Gala. Its atmosphere evokes the building and decorating activities of the 2008 Kiwanis float and 12 other floats.

Mel Smith suggested his church at the corner of Los Robles and Walnut in Pasadena. It can hold 800 or more people. David Hughes, Marsha Jackson and Mel will investigate this possibility.

Reid asked Jimmy Weldon to participate in the Gala program. Jimmy has agreed to provide a patriotic touch to the evening.

Reid thanked those for attending this meeting on such short notice.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:15pm.

Minutes submitted by: Kathy Allen, Recording Secretary

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