Board of Directors Meeting
January 28, 2012



Members Present:
Larry Madick, Ron/Jan Robertson, Craig Wallace, Dave Wallach, Don Medley, Phil/Blanca Hinojos, Reid Allen, Steve Varma, Bart/Shirley Carroll.

Call to Order:
The Meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m.

Approval of Minutes:

No minutes from the last meeting.

Treasurer's Report:
The Treasurer's Report was M/S/P to approve as presented.


Larry announced the Division 10 DCM 11/17 in Temple City.

New/Old Business:
1. Based on discussions during the financial report, Reid Allen moved to send $4000 to pay on the 2012 float. Bart Carroll seconded, no discussion, all in favor, no one opposed.

2. Don Medley moved with regrets to accept the resignation submitted by Orlene Bowers. Blanca seconded, no discussion, all in favor, no one opposed.

3. Reid Allen nominated Orlene Secretary Emeritus, Ron Robertson seconded, no discussion, all in favor, no one opposed.

4. No see the Club through until the next change of officers, Jan Robertson will take notes and Don Medley will transcribe them and keep Club records.

5. Ornament count in stock: 2011 - 97: 2011 - 18: 2012 - 119. Ron Robertson moved to post the ornaments on ebay one at a time. $20 with free shipping. List them as limited addition with an authorized original run of 500 a year. Seconded by Steve Varma. After discussion, passed unanimously.

Jan will make the ebay listing and collect the dollars via PayPal and pay the Club cash. She will also put Rose Float Pins on ebay.

6. Grand Drawing Report. Tickets have been distributed to Club members. To date $700 has been collected. Approximately $3500 is needed to break even. Craig will purchase stamps and do a mailing to his list.

7. Sponsorships cost $1000 but clubs can easily get their money back by selling the items that come in the sponsorship package. Larry is broadcasting sponsorship and banner patch availability in his emails.

8. Flowers: Fourth quarter online flower sales, our net $19.58. Roses for December we made $1087.67. Valentines flowers to date we have about $80 in profits.

9. Midyear convention south - Michelle Lofthouse is the speaker for the Rose Float Breakfast at Riverside.

10. Reid Allen will look for a speaker for the north Midyear.

Meeting Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

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