Board of Directors Meeting
February 3 , 2018


Members Present:
Dave Wallach, Don Medley, Jan/Ron Robertson, Ron Cope, Louie Ford, Bob Lagunas, Craig Wallace, Ernie Arnold, and Marsha Jackson

Call to Order:
Meeting called to order by the president at 10:00 am.

Approval of Minutes:
Board Minutes for the meeting of January 20, 2018 were reviewed and discussed. The board determined that the procedures written in the BUSINESS ITEMS paragraph would be adopted as club policy for the immediate future. The board report was then approved as amended. DM/RL               

Treasurer's Report:
The treasurers report with data through January 31, 2018 was reviewed and approved. DM/MJ

1. The board approved the reinstatement of Ruthie Goldcorn as a regular club member. DW/RR  

2. The president requested an ornament inventory be conducted by all members holding these products and reported to him ASAP for verification of total inventory.

3. Ernie Arnold discussed District RF activities including the ongoing design selection process. 

4. Also, a recent agreement has been reached with Phoenix for the 2018/2019 float year that allows funding by KI.


Future Meetings :
1. The next club/board meeting will be March 17, 2018 at our regular meeting site. 

2. Our next regular club meeting will be March 3,2018.


The president adjourned the meeting at 11:00 am.

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