Club Meeting
February 18, 2012



Members Present:
Larry Madick, President, Craig Wallace, Dave Wallach, Ron and Jan Robertson, Reid Allen, Bart and Shirley Carroll

Jan Roibertson

Reid Allen.

Dave Wallach

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Larry Madick, President.

Other Major Attractions

1. Div 10: March, DCM & every second Thursday after that.

2. Ltg Ernie Arnold reported that directory information was due.

3. K-one day 4-7-2012 will be held at Smith Park, Medical personnel are needed.


1. Bart and Shirley Carroll

2. Bob and Jan Moore

Stan and Orlene Bowers - They are going to Texas for treatment

Valentine Flowers
64 Dozen Sold

Mid Year South Convention - Riverside
1. There was positive feedback

2. Gov. Olmstead, Alan Guire, and Kathy Allen were all involved.

Mid Year North Convention - Monterey
1. 7 am breakfast

2. Gary Jander to speak

Things to do this year
1. Get Division 10 mentioned in Kiwanis Magazines, Send data to Lynn Seeden

2. Have a committee formed - present to the next meeting

3. Bart Carroll - Get dollars from K.I.

4. Shirley Carroll - We need members and need Dollars.

5. Reid Allen - He needs to continue to prod K.I. because they just talk and no action.

6. Marsha Jackson - Could have sold Red and Red/White Roses for Valentines Day.

7. Raffle tickets to get family members to ride on the Float/anyone you want at the event.

8. Place an ad in the Kiwanis Magazine to raffle Float Seats.

9. Craig Wallace - Bigger ideas need to go to the District level. District now has control of medallion program. They have funds and need to setup medallion matching program. Dave working with Roy Talley to set this up.

10. Dave Wallach - Eliminate use of rose Float to promote project; win a seat on the Float through the District.

11. Ornament now a premium given as a T-Y for a $15 donation.

12. Ask other club members to sell merchandise & sell tickets & speak on our behalf.

13. Ron Robertson - Get a speaker PPT show.

14. Larry Madick - Get to other Divisions.

Meeting Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:19 a.m.

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