Board of Directors Meeting
February 23, 2013



Members Present:
Larry Madick, Reid Allen, Craig Wallace, Don Medley, Dave Wallach, Stan Bowers, Ron Cope, Shirley Carroll, Bart Carroll, Lewie Ford, Jan Robertson, Ron Robertson.

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 10:40am, by President Larry Madick.

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes of the October 17, 2012 meeting had been published via email and posted on the net. Moved by Shirley Carroll, second by Reid Allen, passed.

Treasurer's Report:
Presented by Craig Wallace

Dave Wallach moved to pass for audit, Ron Robertson seconded, Passed

Treasurers report for the Foundation was presented by Craig Wallace, see attached.

1. Larry Madick announced that the 3/14/13 Division 10 DCM will be held at the Citibank location, start time 5:15pm. The Rose Float Club is the host Club and Shirley and Bart Carroll will supply the food on behalf of the Club.

Old Business:
1. Dave Wallach announced that he h as 26 2013 ornaments left. He does not plan to ordere more. There are about 144 of the old ornaments from early year left.

2. Grand Drawing tickets, SELL. SELL.

3. Larry Madick announced good flower sale totals for the Valentine period providing the Club with $288 income. (See Attached)

New Business:
1. Midyear North breakfast program with Dave Wallach and powerpoint went well. He will repeat his presentation at the South breakfast with Jan operating the powerpoint machine.

2. Raffle items are needed.

3. Reid Allen presented names and comments for a 2013-2014 slate of officers. At present, Ron Cope is considering the secretary position and Ron Robertson the VP position. We still need someone for the president elect post.

4. Craig Wallace moved a $2000 contribution to Committee, Dave Wallach seconded, passed.

5. There was discussion as to having the Club pay for the Convention registration for the Club President. Several members contributed and Craig Wallace will follow up.

6. Next meeting Club 10am, board 11am, March 16, at Citibank.

Meeting Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:22 a.m.

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