Board of Directors Meeting
March 17, 2012



Members Present:
Dave Wallach, Craig Wallace, Marsha Jackson, Reid Allen, Lewis Ford, Don Medley.

Laura Fair.

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 10:40 by Dave Wallach.

Approval of Minutes:

Don Medley stated that the minutes had been published on the club web and future minutes would also be on the web. Passed.

Treasurer's Report:
Treasurer Craig Wallace presented a detailed report, balance sheet, A/R aging summary, profit & loss budget performance and balance sheet. Detail items were discussed.

New/Old Business:
1. There was a discussion concerning who has bought Grand Drawing tickets..

2. Don Medley reported a memo from Cal-Nev-Ha requesting all clubs in Division 10 to order DSA awards to be presented when the Governor makes his official visit.

3. Craig Wallace stated that we needed to make a payment on the float. He reported that we could pay either $1000 or $2000. If we paid $2000 we might not be able to make a payment next month. Reid Allen moved that we pay $2000, Marsha Jackson seconded, Passed.

4. Flowers need to be ordered for Easter.

5. The mid-year convention had been discussed earlier.

Meeting Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

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