Board of Directors Meeting
April 23, 2016 & May 07 , 2016



Members Present:
Reid Allen, Bob Lagunas, Jan/Ron Robertson, Ron Cope, Shirley/Bart Carroll, Ernie Arnold, Don Medley, Larry Madick, Dave Wallach, Craig Wallace, Marsha Jackson and Lewie Ford.

Call to Order:
Meeting called to order by president at 9:00am.

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes for March 26,2016 meeting were reviewed and approved. LM /DM                 

Treasurer's Report:
The treasurers report with financials through 3-31-16 were reviewed and approved. DW/DM             

Special Note
This report includes board action occurring on 5-7-16 as well as 4-23-16.

Ernie Arnold discussed general status/progress of the rebuilding of the District RF Committee. A general discussion of ornament inventory followed. Ernie then made the announcement that his new duties with the District would require his resignation as president. The resignation was later provided in writing. The Board understood the necessity of this action and reluctantly accepted the resignation. The Board then requested Reid Allen prepare a replacement officer slate for action at our next meeting on 5-7-16.

Business Information:
On 4-23-16 the board approved a $2,000 transfer of funds to the RF District Committee and a $500 check to Bob Lagunas for advance funding of the Apple-B’s fund raiser. The 4-31-16 fund raiser generated an additional $ 1,000 profit for the club.

On 5-7-16 the board / members unanimously approved Reid Allen’s officer replacement slate. The new president is Bob Lagunas and the new president- elect is Dave Wallach. Both officers assumed their duties immediately.

Next Meeting :
Set for 9:00am on 5-21-16 at our bank location. It will include a board meeting.


The president adjourned the meeting at 11:40am.

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