Club Meeting
April 28, 2012



Members Present:
Shirley Carroll, Bart Carroll, Reid Allen, Jan Robertson, Ron Robertson , Don Medley

The Attendees

Jan Robertson

Call to Order:

At 10:16 by President Elect Jan Robertson

1. Minutes of the April 21, 2012 meeting were emailed to the club members. Reid Allen moved to accept the minutes as presented, Ron Robertson seconded, Passed.

2. There was a question about the status of Orlene Bowers. No one had news but Jan Robertson stated that she was preparing a booth at the Relay for Life. Several donated to the booth which will be dedicated to Orlene.

3. Div 10 News; Announcement of the Cal-Nev-Ha Governor's visit on May 10, 2012. There are DSA's for presentation. Shirley Carroll will prepare a raffle item of Rose Float items.

4. Flowers: For Mothers day there are mixed bouquets of Roses.

5. Larry has received a letter informing him that the Club is not allowed to use mass mailing or emails to promote fund raising efforts. There was some general discussion about this. There was discussion about possible ways to get our message out to the Kiwanis members. Nothing resolved.

There was a discussion about the need to have Rose Float interclubs with the Cal-Nev-Ha Divisions. There is a need of the powerpoint presentation that has been disussed. Kan Robertson will write a script and meet with Bart an Shirley Carroll to mix the narrative with pictures that Bart Carroll has. This is planned for some time in the next week or so.

Nominations of 2012-2013 Officers. Marsha Jackson was not present and she has not contacted Reid Allen. The only office in question is the secretary. The report was tabled.

Business; Delegates for the New Orleans ICON will be Kathy Allen and Jan Robertson. Delegates for the Santa Clara CNH DCON will be Kathy Allen and Shirley Carroll.

9. It was decided that with only six attendees there would be no Happy & Sad or 50/50 Drawing.

Meeting Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 10:46 a.m.

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