Board of Directors Meeting
June 28, 2014



Members Present:
Larry Madick, Don Medley, Ernie Arnold, Stan Bowers, Bart/Shirley Carroll, Bob Lagunas, Reid Allen, Jan Robertson and Ron Cope.

Call to Order:
At 11:00am by Jan Robertson, President.

Approval of Minutes:
The Board Minutes for June 14,2014 were approved. SB/LM

Treasurer's Report:
Treasurer was absent but the financials through May 31,2014 were received and discussed. It was recommended and approved that a $1,000 payment be made to the Rose  Float Committee. LM/SB

1. A new potential member, Susan Dixon, was introduced and observed the meeting. A general discussion of the Applebees Flap-Jack fund raising plan was conducted including the co-ordination requirement with all participating clubs and divisions. The District August Conference was discussed including the Rose Float Club breakfast at 7:00 am on monday and the need for a presenter to cover for Dave Wallach. Jan Robertson stated she would take the lead on identifying a new presenter. It was announced that Rose Float Youth Volunteer sign-ups would begin on July 1,2014.

Old Business:
1. Jan Robertson announced that the date for the Flap-Jack breakfast/or breakfasts would be August 23,2014. She stated she would take the lead to co-ordinate this date and proposed sites with Applebees corporate management. A motion was made that any club selling more than $250 in donated ticket sales would be awarded a RF Banner Patch. The motion was discussed and passed by a 6 to 2 vote of the board. The volunteer committee members for this fundraiser are E Arnold (chair),R Lagunas, D Medley, L Madick, R Cope and J Robertson.

New Business:
1. A motion was made and passed to sell 2014 RF Christmas ornaments at cost to any customer who also buys a 2015 ornament as an aid to eliminating the 2014 stock. EA/DM

Next Meeting:
At the CalNeva Conference Breakfast at 7:00 am on Sunday August 17,2014.

The next The meeting was closed by Jan Robertson at 12:00 pm

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