Board of Directors Meeting
September 15, 2012



Members Present:
Larry Madick, Reid Allen, Craig Wallace, Don Medley, Dave Wallach, Bart Carroll, Shirley Carroll, Stan Bowers, Marsha Jackson.

Ron and LaRee Cope

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 9:50 am by President Larry Madick.

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes of the August 25, 2012 meeting had been published via email and posted on the net. Moved by Bart Carroll, second by Dave Wallach, passed.

Treasurer's Report:
Presented by Craig Wallace

Reid Allen moved to pass for audit, Dave Wallach seconded, Passed

Division 10 Announcements:
1. Discussed during the club meeting.

Old Business:
1. Interclubs discussed at the Club Meeting.

1. Discussion about Orlene Bowers Memorial Funds. Stan indicted a desire for the majority of the funds to be donated to the Norris Cancer Fund. Bart Carroll moved, Craig Wallace seconded make the contribution, passed.

3. Dave Wallach reported that the Owie Bow Wowie cannot be advertised outside Division 10 because that would indicate it to be a CalNevHa project It needs to be a Gina Woods project but can contain an indication that contributions will result in a sharing with the Rose Float Project by Gina. Further discussion on this project tabled.

4. As requested, Club and Board minutes were emailed to all the members. This will continue for each submission.

New Business:
1. Future meetings were discussed during the Club meeting.

2. There was a discussion concerning collecting and paying sales tax on the Christmas ornaments. Craig Wallace reported that there is currently pressure by the State in this area. Dave Wallach moved that we sell the ornaments for $15 including tax. Marsha Jackson seconded. This topic will be visited again later concerning the future price to charge.

3. There was discussion re: continuing the Grand Prize Drawing. The funds from this project have been going down each year. The possibility of sending a set number of the tickets (to whom not clear) with an invoice noting to either sell the tickets or buy them. There would be an option to return the tickets and not participate. Some seem to think their dues cover these activities but the dues go to KI and CalNevHa

Shirley Carroll moved to continue the project one more year, Dave Wallach seconded, passed.

4. Dave Wallach moved to send $2000 to the Rose Float Committee, Shirley Carroll seconded, passed.


Meeting Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

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