Board of Directors Meeting
September 20, 2015



Members Present:
Reid Allen, Jan/Ron Robertson,Shirley/Bart Carroll, Ernie Arnold, Craig Wallace, Dave Wallach, Ron Cope

Call to Order:
Meeting was called to order by Jan Robertson at 3:15.

Approval of Minutes:
The minutes of 8-29-15 were approved as written. DW/RA                 

Treasurer's Report:
The financial report through 8-31-15 was reviewed and approved. BC/RC              

Old Business:

New Business:
1. It was agreed to send an additional $2,000 to the District Rose Float Committee. JR/RC It was agreed that Jan and Ron Robertson would officially assume the duties of Shirley/Bart Carroll for scheduling Rose Float Volunteer services at the Rosemont Pavilion immediately. Shirley and Bart were recognized for their extraordinary services to the club for this work over the years. They will be sorely missed. A new member candidate, Rick Shapiro, was welcomed into the group. JR/DW

Future Meetings:
The following meeting schedule was agreed to for the remainder of this year;

Oct 24, 2015      Com,Club& Bd           9-12am

Nov 21, 2015      Club& Bd                    9-11am

Dec 5, 2015        Com,Club& Bd           at the Rosemont site

Dec 30, 2015     Club                             at the IP luncheon

Jan tbd               Club(&Bd ?)               at the RF design select mtg


The Meeting was adjourned by Jan Robertson at 3:45pm.

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