Board of Directors Meeting
September 25, 2010



Members Present:
Marsha Jackson, President, Larry Madick, Shirley & Bart Carroll, Dave Wallach, Craig Wallace, Reid Allen, Stan and Orlene Bowers, and Phil Hinojos.

Call to Order:
The Meeting was called to order by Marsha Jackson, President.

Approval of Minutes:

M/S/P to approve previous Board Minutes as corrected. (Sunday, December 5th meeting is at Rosemont Pavilion).

Treasurer's Report:
M/S/P to approve as presented.
a. M/S/P to send $6,000 to the District Rose Float Committee which in turn will be forwarded to Phoenix Decorating. The District will be encouraged to send payments more promptly to Phoenix

Action Items (New/Old Business):
a. Rose Fundraising Project: Clubs and Divisions will be encouraged to purchase rose plants and other flowers for installations and other events through the holidays.

b. Holiday Ornament Sales: Sales are going very well. More 2010 and 2011 ornaments can be ordered if needed.

c. Suggested Fundraiser: The Board decided not to pursue The THROW (blanket) Fundraiser at this time.

d. Dues: There is no change in the amount of dues for the 2010-2011 year. New member fees are now prorated.

e. International Convention (Geneva): Would the Geneva Convention be a good opportunity to promote the Rose Float Project to a large European and world-wide community? The general consensus was that it is better to have KI promote the project. It was M/S/P to table the issue for now and visit it again at another meeting.

f. Medallion Program: Reid feels that at this time it would be better for the Medallion Program to stay with KIF. Reid has received letters of support from KIF members.

g. Grand Drawing: It was M/S/P to table a discussion on whether to change (lower) the number of tickets to be sold in 2010-2011 until Craig Wallace can work up the reduced outcome figures.

h. Rosemont Rose Float Club Meeting on December 30: It was M/S/P to table a discussion until the next meeting whether to change the on-site meeting to another time/day because of logistic problems.

Meeting Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at approximately12:10 p.m.

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