Board of Directors Meeting
August 31, 2013



Members Present:
Reid Allen, Bart Carroll, Shirley Carroll, Ron Robertson, Craig Wallace

Stan Bowers, LaRee Cope, Ron Cope

Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 11:00am, by President - Elect Jan Robertson

Approval of Minutes:
Minutes of August 31, 2013 board meeting moved by Ron Robertson, second Craig Wallace, Passed as amended.

Treasurer's Report:
Presented by Craig Wallace (see attached).  Moved for audit by Ron Robertson, second by Shirley Carroll, Passed.

1. Dave Wallach discussed KI and CNH guidance to the Rose Float committee.   Dave will continue to lead the committee for next year.  Budget control will continue through CNH and the regional governor will be actively involved with the committee and club activities.

2. Jan Robertson indicated that thoughts of a club planning session should be set aside for now and that a planning questionnaire of members should be considered.

Old Business:
1. Craig Wallace reviewed plans for moving one club and two foundation accounts to Wells Fargo Bank of Pasadena.  Moved by Craig Wallace, second by Bart Carroll, passed.

2. Craig Wallace requested four signature cards for the new accounts with authorization authority to Messers. Reid Allen, Ron Cope, Craig Wallace, and Dave Wallach.  Moved by Bart Carroll, seconded by Dave Wallach, passed.

3. Craig Wallace presented the current member list (2012-20130 and a status report of dues payments for the next fiscal year. The board tabled further action until the October 26th board meeting .

4. Craig Wallace requested authorization to transfer $2000 from the club to the committee immediately for float expenses. He also requested the payment of $500 to cover insurance costs for the board members for fiscal year 2013/14. Both actions moved by Bart Carroll, seconded by Ron Robertson, passed.

New Business:
1. Jan Robertson indicated the need for fresh fund raising activities. Several suggestions using the Rose Float barn were discussed including a car rally. Board agreed to continue at the next regular meeting.

2. A brief discussion was held with respect to a new membership application and it was agreed to defer this matter pending a report from the ad hoc committee looking into this matter.

Next meeting : The next meeting of the committee, club and board will be October 26, 2013 at the citiBank building from 9:00am until noon. This will be the first meeting of the new Kiwanis year. He committee will meet first.

Meeting Adjournment:The meeting ended at 11:45 am.

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