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  Date: December 30, 2015
By: Kellie Flanagan

Key Club students from Minarets High School were tapped to help Kiwanis International with the Kiwanis float and eight others decorated by Kiwanis-family members. The theme for the 2016 Kiwanis Rose float is “Children … Our Treasure.”

Emilie Jones is a Minarets Key Club student participating in the Rose Parade this year

Minarets junior Emilie Jones, 16, was selected to ride on the Kiwanis International float in the 2016 Rose Parade. Emilie, and 12 other Minarets Key Clubbers, have joined other Cental Valley Key Club members and are in Pasadena now to decorate floats for the parade, working alongside Kiwanis members from all over the world, in what’s reportedly the largest community service event in the country.

Using 8,000 gallons of glue, the volunteers create flower-covered floats for Kiwanis International, Honda, Bayer Advanced, Trader Joe’s, Western Asset, Donate Life, Rotary International, City of Alhambra, Bank of America, City of Hope, RFD-TV and U.S. Bank.

The Minarets Key Clubbers traveling to Pasadena to decorate floats are: Remington Lee, Molly Leeper, Victoria Giffen, Alexandra Lanfranco, Aaron Hall, Delaney Finnegan, Emilie Jones (Vice-President), Mckenzie Olivas, David Broyles (President) Hannah Finnegan, Regan Fringer, Kayla Thomas, Kameron Moore and Kari McDougald. Advisor Michael Vaughan is chaperoning.

When the opportunity arose from the Kiwanis International Rose Float Project to submit a short essay communicating, “Why I want to ride on the Kiwanis 2016 Rose parade float,” active student Emilie jumped at the chance, her mom Denise Jones says.

This is the short essay Emilie submitted:

“I am ecstatic for the opportunity to ride on the Kiwanis international Rose Float. In hope that I’m chosen, I have already begun to prepare for this once in a lifetime experience. I have practiced my parade wave with a cheery smile for 5.5 miles. I’ve ensured that I am not allergic to flowers, horses, or high school marching bands. My mother, who’s dying to go to a Rose Parade, sees this chance through “Rose”-colored glasses, and has already booked our accommodations. Lastly, I’m eager to mark this off my bucket-list, and to have this thrilling story to tell my future children and grand-children. This will be an experience I’ll treasure for a lifetime!

Emilie’s essay was one of four selected from thirty-seven submissions, Denise explains, earning her a spot on the float. Emilie, and the other riders, will wear costumes that reflect their future career goals. Emilie hopes to pursue a career in Physical Therapy, so keep an eye out for her in medical scrubs as she rides atop a fragrant float of flowers the 5.5 miles through the 2016 Rose Parade, presenting her well rehearsed wave and cheery smile.

Minarets junior Emilie Jones will ride on the 2016 Kiwanis Rose Parade float

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